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JUST LIKE SUMMER: October 7th Race Report

Photos courtesy of Bernice Rains and Julia Schroeder

Eighty-five degrees and sunny.  Many of our regulars were traveling, but we had enough sailors and volunteers to make it a good race.  We welcomed back Sarah Cartwright, crewing for Tom Cartwright, and Jim Voelz who couldn’t resist taking his last chance at a race in 2018. Lance and Bianca couldn’t resist the weather either, and Matt and Cindy Bartlett made a special effort to drive back from fun times up north just in time for racing/volunteering.  No-longer-a-rookie, Phil Bush has been taking the tiller prior to the races and did so again, crewing for Tom Schroeder.
The JY-15 casts quite a reflection

We appreciate Margaret Powers providing her help and her boat along with fellow volunteers Bob Orben, Cindy Bartlett, Bernice Rains, and Jim Riffle (safety boat).  All knew we were originally short of volunteers for this race and helped us out.  Thanks again.  Thanks also to Tom Cartwright and Tom Schroeder for setting up a course appropriate to the wind, and to Arlene for hosting us on her patio after the race.

Jim and Matt prepare for start
Cartwrights (L) and Schroeder/Bush (R) approach the starting line
The starting horn has blown. Jim in foreground, Cartwrights in middle, then Matt.  Watch what happens next.
The three boats converge, and another, #2515, the Sniders, were also in the mix and now can be seen.
Things get a little close for comfort.  Matt sails off to port and avoids the fray.
And here comes Schroeder/Bush, also avoiding the traffic jam.

Matt (foreground) crosses the finish line just ahead of Schroeder/Bush.  Are each of those sails perfectly trimmed or what!  Well done!

More like a July race, the wind was so-so, but good enough.  Like our August race the wind was steady during the warm-up time prior to the start of the race, but then became on and off at various parts of the race course.   Depending on their location, sometimes just several yards apart, some boats were favored, others were not.  So there was some see-sawing among those finding themselves race leaders vs. laggards at any particular point.   Though spread out during most of the race, a nearly simultaneous finish of all the boats in the second race provided a good punctuation mark to the season, and a chorus of “thank you” s to our volunteers.

L to R: Lance/Biana Snider, Tom Schroeder/Phil Bush,  Jim Riffle in the safety boat, Jim Voelz, Matt Bartlett, and the Committee Boat (finish line).  The four boats approach the finish line with the 2 on the left gaining on the 2 Lasers on the right.  The four finished in near unison.  The final finish of the 2018 season
Race Results

First Race
Laser Class:  Jim Voelz 1st, Matt Bartlett 2nd,
International Class: Tom/Sarah Cartwright 1st, Tom Schroeder/Phil Bush 2nd, Lance/Bianca Snider 3rd
Overall on Handicapped Basis (not for scoring) Jim Voelz 1st, Tom/Sarah Cartwright 2nd, Matt Bartlett 3rd, Schroeder/Bush 4th, Lance/Bianca 5th
Second Race
Laser Class: Matt Bartlett 1st, Jim Voelz 2nd,
International Class: Tom Schroeder/Phil Bush 1st, Lance/Bianca Snider 2nd
Overall on Handicapped Basis (not for scoring) Matt Bartlett 1st, Jim Voelz 2nd, Schroeder/Bush 3rd, Lance/Bianca 4th


Anonymous said...

in the photo above where we converge after the start is confusing to me...and I may have been in the wrong. if I understand correctly, before the start, the concept of over lap does not apply so all boats prior to the start are I think legal and proper. but this pic of us after the start shows 3 boats overlapped, and the leeward most boat should be able to sail their desired course with the windward giving way. BUT in this case the wind is so on the nose, with boats sailing fairly parallel but on different tacks. so who is windward, and who is leeward? I invite any and all educating comments. It sure was fun! thanks all. Lance

Grandview Yacht Club said...

Apologies from the webmaster who was caught sleeping - as in hibernation - and didn't moderate/publish this comment until APRIL!!! A couple of comments: 1. Actually, all racing right of way rules apply as soon as the 5 minute horn is blown. So the overlap rule was in force prior to the start. 2. You are correct that the most leeward of any pair of boats has the right of way over the other since they all appear to be overlapped. 3. It appears from the various photos that the wind is coming from starboard and the boats are all on a starboard tack even though #3987's sails seem to be luffing. From the prior photo,boat #3987 was on a starboard tack so I think we can assume that was the case in the photo you refer to, especially considering the wind direction. Regardless of whether #3987 is on port or starboard, the issue is moot because either way, they do not have the right of way. That is my take anyway.