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Sunday, September 10, 2017


All photos courtesy of Republic photographer Gregg Jones

We had a banner turnout, spectacular weather, well-trained volunteers, prospects for a Y-Flyer renaissance, coverage by The Republic newspaper, and a fun gathering after the race. On the flip-side there were a bunch of sailors that had to turn back, unable to start or finish even the first race for one reason or another. And sadly after the race we learned of the passing of John Sohn, a member of the GYC since its early days and active in the club till just a couple of years ago (see above blog post about John).

It was a glorious day for a sailing race with skill-testing winds, sunny skies and pleasant temperatures.   

Eighteen sailors left their docks Unfortunately six had to return without finishing the first race due to rigging or other problems and two had to limp through both races with damaged rigging (if anyone is aware of available Laser centerboards, Laser rudders or Y-Flyer rudders, please let us know).  We had plenty of capsizes, but did not approach the number from the epic race of June 24th
Dianne begins recovery from a capsize
Then she is off again

GYC’s “Media Relations Chairperson”, Jim Riffle arranged for The Republic newspaper sports editor Ted Schultz and photographer Gregg Jones to cover our race.  Jim took them all over the course during the race and explained the race protocol, etc.  Ted Schultz joined us at the protest meeting after the race and chatted with many of us about our sailing adventures and the club.    Ted wrote a great article about the club that we encourage you to read.  Here is the link:  And you are enjoying the fine photos taken by Gregg Jones.
We had a great turnout and wonderful snacks at the Protest meeting.  There were four generations of sailors present. A few don’t know that they are sailors -yet. Thanks Arlene Truex for hosting. 

  Laura is having a blast!
Terry and Bernice Rains took responsibility for the Committee Boat in their pontoon for the first time after learning the ropes on a number of occasions this year from both Committee Boat and sailboat perspectives.  They were joined by Cindy Bartlett and Lisa Duret.  The foursome did a great job of officiating an eventful race – Thanks!  Great anchoring skills in that fast wind by the way.   We sailed one of our most fun courses of the year as set up by Dianne Fisher with help from Kevin Preuss.  It was quite long, and appropriate to the fast winds with challenging first and final legs – Thanks!
Kevin hiked out on way to first mark
Very noteworthy is that four Y-flyers left their docks for the race.  That is a Y-flyer renaissance of sorts since the most we’ve had in recent times was three back when Wayne Truex, Bob Orben and Dick Pitman were skippering at the same time. Not sure how long ago we had four, but it is a very long time.  Racing for the first time on Grandview was a brand new Y-Flyer recently acquired by John Auld and raced with his skilled crew Paul Hass.  Gulp, its fast!  
John Auld (left) and crew Paul Hass (right) hiked out to show us that even the bottom of the new Y-Flyer has a snazzy paint job.  

And it is as fast as it looks

 We were thrilled to have Lance and Bianca Snider join us again in their Y-flyer.  And John Cord attempted to return to active racing status the Y-Flyer acquired from Dick Pitman.  Catey Hale and daughter Elizabeth joined us in their Y-Flyer as well.  Unfortunately, perhaps due to the fast winds, problems were encountered by three of the four, and only John Auld and Paul Hass finished either race.  Once rigging etc. on the other boats has been repaired we will be seeing all those glorious double-sailed Y-flyers competing together again.  Also double-sailed and double doctored, it was great to see the skilled father and son team of Tom and Ben Cartwright in that fast, tall-sailed and tall-bowed Thistle out for its second showing this season.  It is quite a sight, especially when it is coming toward you in close quarters!    
The Cartwrights (2nd from left) in the Thistle.  Also Peggy (left) Laura (2nd from right) and Matt (right)

Also noteworthy is that two of our captains/crew with new –to-Grandview boats did very well in this race.  See the race results below regarding John Auld/Paul Hass in the new Y-Flyer and Matt Bartlett in his new Laser.  With those additions and with the Butterflies now in the International Class, competition has really been cranked up a notch in both classes.
Auld and Hass in the Y-Flyer (left) and Tom and Ben Cartwright in the Thistle racing downwind to the 3rd mark
In the Laser Class Jim Voelz won both races and Matt Bartlett came in 2nd, one minute (or 5%) behind Jim in both races.

Laura (right) recommends that Jim switch to a port tack instead of the starboard tack he is on

Jim won both races.

Sherri making great progress on way to 1st mark, and then....

From out of nowhere Kevin appears!

The International Class had a big turnout; unfortunately three boats didn’t finish either race.  Nevertheless five boats finished both races with Peggy Voelz and John Auld/Paul Hass taking first place in the first and second races respectively.  Tom Schroeder/Arlene Truex took 2nd place in the first race and Peggy finished second in the second race.

Peggy heads for the finish line
Tom and Arlene wait for others to finish first race

On an overall handicapped basis Jim Voelz won both races with Peggy Voelz taking second in the first race and John Auld taking second in the second race.

Resolution  and lessons from protest at August 20th race:
The tentative results for the August 20th races are now final since the protest was withdrawn:   Lessons:  1) “Overlap” related to “room-at-the-mark rules applies to boats approaching the mark from far different angles (may not be intuitive), and  2) If protesting, make sure the other party is notified in time to take their two 360 degree penalty turns if they so-choose.

RACE RESULTS FIRST RACE (“Labor Day” Trophy Race)

Laser Class:  Jim Voelz 1st, Matt Bartlett 2nd, Laura Garret 3rd, Kevin Preuss 4th, Dianne Fisher, 5th.

International Class:  Peggy Voelz 1st, Tom Schroeder/Arlene Truex 2nd, Sherri Agnew 3rd, John Auld/Paul Hass 4th, Ben Cartwright/Tom Cartwright 5th.

Overall results on handicapped basis (not for scoring purposes):  Jim Voelz 1st, Peggy Voelz 2nd, Matt Bartlett 3rd, Laura Garret 4th, Tom Schroeder/Arlene Truex 5th, Sherri Agnew 6th, John Auld/Paul Hass 7th, Kevin Preuss 8th, Dianne Fisher 9th, Ben Cartwright/Tom Cartwright 10th.  


Laser Class:  Jim Voelz 1st, Matt Bartlett 2nd, Laura Garret 3rd, Kevin Preuss 4th, Dianne Fisher, 5th.

International Class:  John Auld/Paul Hass 1st,  Peggy Voelz 2nd,  Tom Schroeder/Arlene Truex 3rd, Tom Cartwright/Ben Cartwright 4th, Sherri Agnew 5th.

Overall results on handicapped basis (not for scoring purposes):  Jim Voelz 1st, John Auld/Paul Hass 2nd, Matt Bartlett 3rd, Peggy Voelz 4th, Laura Garrett 5th, Tom Schroeder/Arlene Truex 6th, Kevin Preuss 7th, Tom Cartwright/Ben Cartwright 8th, Sherri Agnew 9th, Dianne Fisher 10th

The next race is scheduled for Sunday, September 24th at 2pm.

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