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BAREFOOT SEASON BEGINS: June 3rd sock burning

As part of our "protest meeting" after the June 3rd race, sailors and volunteers took part in a celebration of the start of barefoot season.   This is our second year, and so far it involves a poem or two, throwing our socks in the fire, then a group photo.

After the poem readings, Tom burns the first sock.

Untitled poem by Julia: 

Socks are for feet
But now we have heat
We don't want to wear them
So we will just flare them

The younger ones participated also

Terry tosses his in.  The fire chokes a bit, so while we wait for it to recover....

Another Poem, titled
 An Ode to the Odoriferous
by Tom S.

Oh you odoriferous foot sweaters you!
You stink to high heaven, P.U.!
I hate to do it, you've been so loyal.
But unless I do, my friendships you'll spoil.
Into the fire to meet your fate.
Oh the stench!
This can no longer wait!

Bob makes his contribution.  The Jennings, as part of moving preparations brought a bagful of socks with no mates.  So anyone who came unprepared had something to burn.

And now we are all ready for summer - bring it on!

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