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SILENT? SYMPHONY ON THE WATER: September 23rd Race Report

We had the best sailing winds of the season, which for 2018 is saying something. It made for an exciting race, capsize-recovery practice for one racer, and a better impression than our first race for one of our volunteers.  And we welcomed back Elizabeth Hale for her first race of the season, crewing for Catey Hale.

Thanks to Committee Boat volunteers Beth Auld, Bob Orben, Margaret Powers and Mimi Riffle.  And to Jim Riffle who provided a safety boat.  Thanks to Matt Bartlett and Arlene Truex for setting up a great race course, and Arlene for hosting the protest meeting after the race.

Her first volunteer experience was on a very hot May day with little wind and a boring, long, drawn out first race, and the second race cancelled for lack of wind. So we were pleased that for Margaret Powers return, we had excellent fairly steady winds that provided a “silent symphony on the water” as Jim Voelz puts it.  All those sails synchronized by the reality of the wind direction, but in competition, searching for the best position and angle.  Silent?  Well, maybe if you are observing from quite a distance.  There are SAILORS in those boats after all.  For instance, the sound of wind coming out of sails would be "Awwww MAN!"...or something like that, probably a lot "saltier".    A narrow starting line provided for additional excitement (and lack of silence) for the Committee Boat volunteers at the starts. 

One exception to the steady winds was the last mark, well into the large inlet north of the main lake.  There the wind became intermittent, and when a breeze developed its direction was somewhat unpredictable, and seldom from a direction that facilitated getting around the mark easily. One successful tactic was to get enough boat speed in whatever direction the wind allowed when there was a breeze.  Then when the wind died, change course and use your momentum to improve your position relative to the mark. Gain momentum, turn, coast, repeat.

No one else capsized, so Laura Garrett was either pushing it to the limit, or practicing her capsize recovery skills.  She capsized five times.  But she’s got the recovery routine down to a science.  She was able to climb over the gunwale and onto the centerboard each time, and flip herself back into her righted Laser without getting wet even once.
Capsized, but dry

1st place finishers in the two races included John Auld/Paul Hass (in both races in their class and overall) Matt Bartlett and Laura Garrett.

Race Results:

First Race
Laser Class:  Matt Bartlett 1st, Kevin Preuss 2nd, Laura Garrett 3rd
International Class: John Auld/Paul Hass 1st, Catey/Elizabeth Hale 2nd, Tom Schroeder/Phil Bush 3rd.
Overall on Handicapped Basis (not for scoring) John Auld/Paul Hass 1st, Catey/Elizabeth Hale 2nd, Matt Bartlett 3rd, Tom Schroeder/Phil Bush 4th, Kevin Preuss 5th, Laura Garrett 6th.
Second Race
Laser Class: Laura Garrett 1st, Matt Bartlett 2nd, Kevin Preuss 3rd 
International Class:  John Auld/Paul Hass 1st, Tom Schroeder/Phil Bush 2nd, Catey/Elizabeth Hale 3rd.
Overall on Handicapped Basis (not for scoring) John Auld/Paul Hass 1st, Tom Schroeder/Phil Bush 2nd, Laura Garrett 3rd, Matt Bartlett 4th, Catey/Elizabeth Hale 5th, Kevin Preuss 6th, 

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