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Matt Bartlett, Jason Carroll and Rieanna Simpson were 1st place winners in the paddle board, men's kayak, and women's kayak races respectively.  Thanks to Max Henry for coordinating and officiating the race, and providing prizes to winners. 
Max (far right under the unicorn) points out the turn markers to participants
It was a very competitive and spirited group.

And they are off!

Jason (left) and Matt (right) dig hard in a close finish (Matt finished first). Jason was 1st in men's kayak, and Matt was 1st in paddle board.
2nd place winners were Steve Willment, Jocelyn Carroll, and Ryan Kitchell in the paddle board, women's kayak and men's kayak races respectively.  Also racing were Max Kitchell and Evan Linville.
Ryan in foreground finishes 2nd in men's kayak. Above him Rieanna finishes 1st in women's kayak. Steve, upper left finished 2nd in paddle board.

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