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Friday, February 23, 2018

RACING TIPS, TACTICS & TECHNIQUES: Seminar by Champion Jim Voelz May 19th 10am

Sailors will want to jump on this opportunity:
Many-time season champion Jim Voelz would like to show you how to win more sailing races.  With all of our sailors more knowledgeable, our races will be more competitive and more fun.

Jim's seminar about 5 years ago. John Auld in green shirt paid close attention and won the season championship shortly thereafter
Jim has won the GLOA Season Championship more times than any other sailor by far, including the last 3 years in a row.  In the 2017 season he accumulated 70% more points than the next-closest sailor. 

Jim will hold a seminar, sharing tips, tactics and techniques he uses to win races.
He will also cover some basic racing rules that must be observed during the race.

Please join us at the home of the Voelz sailing dynasty (Peggy is also a GYC champion and frequent 1st place winner) on May 19th at 10am, 5111 S. Poplar Drive.   This is the morning after the Spring Social.  Our first race will be the next day at 2pm.

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