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Joe Voelz - A Founder of the Grandview Yacht Club

We are saddened at the loss of Joe Voelz who was one of several founders of the GYC fifty six years ago, and one of those who was a driving force of the club.  During those years Joe and Phyllis’ family has become a sailing dynasty here at Grandview.  Joe was a champion sailor, winning all of GYC’s various trophies and serving as its commodore. We are grateful to Joe and Phyllis for helping found the club and make it such an important part of the Grandview Lake community.  As you know, Joe’s son,  Jim and wife Peggy, and their daughter Laura are still regularly winning sailing trophies and championships and make Grandview Lake a great place.  We extend our heart-felt sympathy to the whole family.

Appreciation from Arlene Truex

Dear Grandview Yacht Club Members,
Thank you one and all for the generous donation made in Wayne's memory to Hospice.  As you all know, the Yacht Club was a very important part of Wayne's life from the moment we arrived on the lake in 1989. What made it special to him was not only the camaraderie in sailing, but the people involved in the Grandview Yacht Club. Thank you from all our family for remembering him in this way.