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Accompanying the list of trophy and award winners from the 2016 season are photos from our final "Protest Meeting" at Wayne and Arlene Truex's.  We made some special awards also.
First the light-hearted and special awards, then the racing awards:
This historically important ugly white chamber-pot is now awarded to those involved in a noteworthy mishap.
the 2016 winners are Catey Hale and her crew, Elizabeth Hale.  After an infraction, Catey and Elizabeth took the required 360 degree penalty turn in an unusual way - by capsizing and turning their boat completely over UNDER WATER (on a "vertical plane") instead of turning 360 degrees ON the water (on a "horizontal plane").  It took some of our Good Samaritans to help them recover. So we outfitted the Booby prize with a 360 degree protractor correctly positioned on the "horizontal plane" as shown.
Since Catey and Elizabeth were unable to be present to receive their award we emailed them some photos.  The first set of photos depicts the protractor on the wrong plane with participants indicating with facial and hand gestures that this is WRONG.

The second set of photos depicts the protractor on the correct plane with participants indicating with facial and hand gestures that this is CORRECT.
Hopefully they will remember this valuable lesson.

This ornate and heavy trophy is awarded to the sailor who was absent from the most races, but really truly, honest-to-Pete, WANTED to be there, and was there in "spirit". This year's winner was Riley Leonard
Tom (right) presents the trophy to Riley (seated in the chair in foreground).  Riley demonstrates what it takes to win the ghost sailor award.

 Jim Riffle was recognized as Sailor Emeritus of the Grandview Yacht Club.  This honorary title goes to those who have been "mainstays" (a nautical term by the way) of the GYC for many, many years.  During the time Jim has been part of the GYC, he served as Commodore, won the overall Grand Champion trophy, won each of the holiday trophies and won multiple 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards.
Tom and Jim laugh about some of Jim's sailing misadventures
Mimi Riffle was recognized as Sailor Emeritus for her contributions and having been Jim's crew, contributing to the above-mentioned racing awards.  Importantly, she was ALSO recognized for her highly effective eight (!) years as Secretary Treasurer.  This was her final year in that role and will be succeeded by Lisa Duret .
Jim and Mimi with their GYC "Sailors Emeritus" Award
We also recognized our wonderful 2016 Committee Boat volunteers: Beth & John Auld, Cindy Bartlett, Marlene Brown, Ed Deeters, Lisa Duret, Kate Edelman,
Beth Auld: Committee Boat Chair
Gretchen & Steve Fisher, Harry Meshberger, Jack & Sandi Miller, Donna Mount, Bob Orben, Jim & Mimi Riffle & Arlene Truex, Steve Willment.

 And we recognized our "Good Samaritans" who came to the aid of wayward sailors who needed help righting their capsized boats, etc:  Paul Hass, Steve Willment, Steve & Allison Tadd, Jim Riffle, Clint Garrett, Harry Meshberger, and of course our Safety Patrol. 


Holiday Trophy Races
Memorial Day Trophy Race - Tom Schroeder (right)
By the way, in addition to Beth Auld in the previous picture, these are your other three GYC officers, from left to right Mimi Riffle, Kevin Preuss and Tom Schroeder.  We thanked all four of them for their fine work in 2016. 
Mimi and Kevin will be presenting the awards in the following pictures.....

July 4th Trophy Race:  Tom Jennings (not his hands - whose are they?)

Labor Day Trophy Race:  Jim Voelz (you'll be seeing more of him soon...)

Crew Awards
Crew - 1st Place: Paul Hass
Crew - 2nd Place:  Dianne Fisher
Crew - 3rd Place:  Elizabeth Hale (not pictured)
Laser Class

Laser Class - 1st Place: Jim Voelz

Laser Class - 2nd Place (tie): Laura Garrett
Laser Class - 2nd Place (tie) Tom Jennings (not pictured)

Butterfly Class
Butterfly Class - 1st Place: Peggy Voelz
Butterfly Class - 2nd Place: Sherri Agnew
Butterfly Class: 3rd Place: Arlene Truex
International Class
International Class - 1st Place: Tom Schroeder
International Class - 2nd Place: Matt Bartlett
International Class: 3rd Place: John Auld
Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year:  Matt Bartlett

(...but while new to Grandview, Matt is no "rookie"!)


Also of Interest:
It was a great year for the sailing members of the GYC.  We added a record number of new sailors and several new boats to our "fleet".  That is why you observed more boats at our races.  46 individuals participated as either sailors or volunteers.   We welcome new sailors and volunteers and will help you get started.  Contact Tom Schroeder if you are interested.