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Our June 17th race report had the finish order for the second race wrong.  This is significant because our newcomer team of Matt Bartlett and Dianne Fisher sailing the Hobie catamaran finished way, way ahead of all the other racers in the second race.  Also, the Hobie has a significant handicap, making a 1st place finish a big deal on a day when the wind was not particularly fast.  Congratulations Matt and Dianne on a fine race!
The correct finish order on a handicapped basis was:
1st Matt Bartlett/Dianne Fisher, 2nd Jim Voelz, 3rd Laura Garrett, 4th Tom Jennings,  5th Tom Schroeder, 6th Kevin Preuss, 7th Peggy Voelz, 8th Andy Jennings, 9th John Auld/Steve Fisher, 10th Sherri Agnew

RHUMB LINE DEVIANCY - July 17 Race (Trophy Race)

Fourteen sailors came out for the rescheduled “Fourth of July Trophy Race” on a beautiful day with good winds predicted.  In reality the wind was off and on, but plenty for a couple of challenging races.  We welcomed back Steve Fisher, this time as crew for John Auld.  And the refurbished Truex/Preuss Hobie catamaran was out for the first time this year, and put to good use by Matt Bartlett and Dianne Fisher, both new to Grandview this year. We learned of a new addition to the fleet, and we celebrated a "milestone" birthday.

Thanks to our short-notice Committee Boat volunteers, Cindy Bartlett, Bob Orben and Jim and Mimi Riffle.  And to Sherri Agnew and Jim Voelz who set up the course, Kevin Preuss for organizing the race and Beth Auld for recruiting volunteers.

The wind was “on” for the period leading up the first race, but in the 30 seconds prior to and after the starting horn turned “off”.  Since a few of the sailors were confused about the direction to the first mark, they had to get back on the correct side of the starting line after the start of the race, with little-to-no wind.  Despite the poor start, one of these sailors, Tom Jennings, went on to win the race in both the Laser class and overall on a handicapped basis.   

The fleet remained in pretty close quarters until rounding the first mark when the wind died again.  Those just a little to the west of the pack got wind first and built up solid leads on those on the east side of the pack and downwind.  Rounding the second mark too tightly proved to be a mistake as the wind direction was a bit of a fooler, pushing them toward the mark (and a potential  penalty for touching it), and into the path of the sailors not yet past the mark. Sailing to the third mark required sailing nearly perpendicular to the rhumb line (imaginary straight line from the second mark to the third mark) far from the rhumb line (usually a mistake), then tacking 90 degrees toward the mark.    

Laser-Class Tom Jennings and Jim Voelz finished within eleven seconds of one and other for 1st and 2nd overall followed on a handicapped basis,   by Butterfly- Class Sherri Agnew 3rd overall, and  International Class-Catey and Elizabeth Hale 4th overall.

With an uninspiring wind, sailor chatter after the first race was focused on potentially dropping the last mark from the 2nd race to speed up the race.  Tom Jennings noted that the wind was picking up as it was supposed to later in the afternoon and succeeded in reversing the decision, so we sailed the full course.   Since he was just out for a relaxing voyage, we failed in our attempts to recruit Dan Hoyt to race his Hobie kayak with outriggers and a sail.

2nd Race (Corrected):
The wind showed up as Tom Jennings had promised for the second race.  We started in a tight pack again, although Andy Jennings was a wee-bit over the line before the starting horn.  Without being able to hail him, we had to add one minute to his time.  The fleet stayed together until we rounded the 1st mark together, but then the wind pattern again spread us out and differing strategies spread us out further on the way to the third mark.   

Overall on a handicapped basis newcomers Matt Bartlett and Dianne Fisher sailing the Hobie Catamaran finished way ahead of all others, and were first even on a handicapped basis despite the Hobie's unfavorable handicap, especially on a lower wind day. After Matt and Dianne, the Lasers dominated with Jim Volez finishing second, Laura Garrett 3rd and Tom Jennings 4th.   Peggy Voelz won the Butterfly class and Matt Bartlett and Dianne Fisher won the International Class.

The original, July 10th race was cancelled due to lack of wind, but we had a protest meeting anyway.  We celebrated Jim Riffle's "milestone" birthday.
Jim and his brother Bob pose in front of the birthday cake
Host Wayne Truex recruited some muscle to lift up the front end of the Truex/Preuss Hobie Catamaran to drain the pontoons, making possible use by Matt Bartlett and Dianne Fisher in the rescheduled July 17th race. 
From left, Matt Bartlett, Wayne Truex and John Gall attended to maintaining the Hobie.  Others stayed dry while offering moral support.
  We also had a protest meeting at the Truex's after the July 17th race. We learned that another Laser, acquired by Dianne Fisher will join the fleet.   The Laser class fleet will now consists of 10 boats, the Butterfly class 3 boats and the International Class about 5, plus 2 boats that are borrowed from time-to-time.   Thanks to Wayne and Arlene Truex for their continued hospitality. 

Our next race is THIS SUNDAY, July 24th at 2pm

Race Results 1st Race:  “FOURTH OF JULY” TROHY RACE

Laser Class: 1st Tom Jennings, 2nd Jim Voelz, 3rd Laura Garrett, 4th Andy Jennings, 5th Kevin Preuss.

Butterfly Class: 1st Sherri Agnew, 2nd Peggy Voelz, 3rd Arlene Truex

International Class: 1st Catey & Elizabeth Hale, 2nd Matt Bartlett/Dianne Fisher, 3rd Tom Schroeder, 4th John Auld/Steve Fisher

Overall on a handicapped basis (not for scoring):

1st Tom Jennings, 2nd Jim Voelz, 3rd Sherri Agnew, 4th Catey & Elizabeth Hale, 5th Matt Bartlett/Dianne Fisher, 6th Laura Garrett, 7th Andy Jennings, 8th Tom Schroeder, 9th Peggy Voelz, 10th Kevin Preuss, 11th John Auld/Steve Fisher, 12th Arlene Truex

Race Results 2nd Race:

Laser Class: 1st Jim Voelz, 2nd Laura Garrett, 3rd Tom Jennings, 4th Kevin Preuss, 5th Andy Jennings

Butterfly Class: 1st Peggy Voelz, 2nd Sherri Agnew

International Class: 1st Matt Bartlett/Dianne Fisher, 2nd Tom Schroeder, 3rd John Auld/Steve Fisher

Overall on a handicapped basis (not for scoring):
1st Matt Bartlett/Dianne Fisher, 2nd Jim Voelz, 3rd Laura Garrett, 4th Tom Jennings,  5th Tom Schroeder, 6th Kevin Preuss, 7th Peggy Voelz, 8th Andy Jennings, 9th John Auld/Steve Fisher, 10th Sherri Agnew.


MOST STAYED DRY! July 4th Breakfast and Birthday Wishes at the Orbens'

With the constant rain, a smaller gathering of lot owners stayed dry and celebrated the Fourth  in the spacious screen porch overlooking the lake at Bob and Mary Orben's.  We recognized the reason for the holiday, our freedom won at a significant price paid by our military, their families and others.   With every one of Bob and Mary Orben's children and grandchildren present, the Orbens used the weekend to celebrate Bob's upcoming milestone birthday. So we continued the celebration and all sang Happy Birthday to Bob 
Bob's cake.  The boat on the right is the Thistle he sailed as a youngster, and the boat in the center shows he and Mary in his legendary yellow Y-Flyer.

Thanks very much to Bob and Mary and their family for having us!

Max Henry came prepared to conduct the kayak and paddleboard race, but the steady rain resulted in a cancellation. Only Leah Essex braved the elements and thus, by default is the paddleboard champion just for showing up!  Sometimes that is all it takes, right? And Malachi Henry was the only one to venture out in the rain toward the Orbens' with a kayak (and the race turn marker to set up the race), but was notified en-route with the cancellation news by his Dad. He paddled back to the dock and came to the breakfast via land,  albeit a little damp. Thanks for being ready Max and Malachi!