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(photos courtesy of Lisa Duret)
Another race day with rare, near-perfect non-native wind.  The ten sailors who dared the dismal looking, damp,  cool, misty weather were well rewarded with excellent sailing.  And power-boaters took our recent request to "give us a little more room please" a little too seriously - they kept their boats at their docks - Grandview folks are so polite!   Perhaps we should have had three races? 
Dave & Candy McClean and Beth Auld brave the weather

We welcomed Dave and Candy McClean as first time, bundled-up Committee Boat volunteers learning the ropes from Beth Auld.  They did a fine job of it, much appreciated by our sailors. Welcome Dave and Candy, and thanks to you and Beth!  We’ll get a new starting horn for you all PDQ.    In addition to the GLOA safety patrol, Wayne Truex and Lisa Duret monitored the race from Riffle's pontoon, ready to help any cold capsizees.

And what was Jim Voelz doing as captain of Schroeder's JY-15 instead of his Laser?  It may have been to prove once again that its not the boat that is the problem.  Or it may have been punishment for forgetting to plant the yellow flag to indicate the desired position of the Committee Boat.   But he set up a fine course for the visiting West-Southwest wind (thanks!).  The wind was just a bit less consistent, than that of the last race - sort of like having a West Texas “twang” rather than the somewhat more soothing “drawl” of the May 17th race’s Southeast wind. We are hoping these well-mannered winds stay for a while and that our unpredictable Grandview wind continues to enjoy its visit to Tasmania at the family reunion of its ill-mannered ancestors (click here to read about them).  Marks were to the starboard side for a change, with the appropriate green directional flag planted between the starting line and the first mark (subliminal reinforcement of our race course conventions to those of you that missed the refresher course). 

Thanks to everyone who helped make the race possible including appropriately gung-ho Race Chairman Kevin Preuss, who didn’t just take one look at the weather, cancel the race, roll over and go back to sleep.  Arrrrr...   By the way, speaking of hearty sailors, did you read in the Grandview history book about the kinds of races conducted here at Grandview in days of yore?  And that they raced into November?  Arrrrr...they knew when to fine good winds....and how to "handicap" a race!

Our sailors are getting good at timing the start.  It was a narrow starting line, but all squeezed through fairly close together for an “all-clear” start in the first race.  The race into the wind to the first mark depended on reading the wind well.  It shifted a bit, but the topography also had a lot to do with the best course. Jim Voelz had his notes handy from reading up on the best sail trim for the JY-15.  Since the JY-15 has an identical handicap to a Laser, and this was the belated Memorial Day "Trophy Race", he and Tom were keeping a close eye on Laser sailors Tom Jennings and Kevin Preuss.  They were first to the first mark and never lost the lead.  Tom Jennings was in contention but Kevin Preuss chose a better wind-favored course and was second coming around the first mark. 
Far right Voelz/Schroeder in JY-15round mark 1st.
Jim Riffle and Arlene Truex also had a strong showing.  All finished the race in the order just mentioned.  John Auld and crew Paul Hass in the Y-Flyer, and Laura Garrett and Peggy Voelz each in their own Butterfly provided an exciting finish.  Laura looked like she would be the first of the three boats to cross, but Auld/Hass came about at just the right time to be favored by the wind, beating stocking-hat-attired Laura to the finish line.  Peggy was very close behind, and it looked for a moment like she had a chance to beat Laura.  But the wind was not her friend and hung her up right at the finish line for a full minute or so.

Tom Jennings chose the best course to the first mark in the second race and never lost the lead. He was followed closely the entire race by Jim Riffle and Arlene Truex in the swift Hobie.  Jim and Arlene almost overtook Tom as the approached the finish, but Tom prevailed.  This, despite Jim and Arlene spending some time using their leeward right of way to send Voelz/Schroeder off their desired course approaching the third mark.  Since Voelz/Schroeder in the JY15 are in the same class as Riffle/Truex in the Hobie, for scoring purposes the competition between those two boats was far more important to them than vs. Tom Jennings in his Laser-class boat.

Riffle/Truex (colored sail) uses right of way to force Voelz/Schroeder off their desired course to 3rd Mark.  They are only inches apart.  This is all part of sailboat racing that the sailors understand. We have fun re-living such aspect of each race at the "protest meeting" after each race.
Amongst the Butterfly sailboats, this time Peggy Voelz beat Laura Garrett (and on a handicapped basis they were 1st and 2nd of the entire field) followed by Y-Flyer sailors John Auld and Paul Hass.  There were plenty of right of way encounters in both races with “starboard” and “room at the mark” being yelled a number of times.   

Sailors, volunteers, and other race observers are encouraged to add their version of these events and to, correct, comment or otherwise add some salt to this report by using the comment feature below.  After all this report came from only one very biased vantage point in the race, and yours might have been better!

We enjoyed the first “protest meeting” of the year at the Truex’s (all participants including our honored volunteers are welcome).   As usual much of the scuttlebutt doesn’t make it to the blog, so you’ll have to join us to have fully participated! Thanks to Wayne and Arlene for their hospitality and having us inside and warm.

First (Trophy Race) Results: 
Laser Class:  Kevin Preuss 1st, Tom Jennings 2nd.
Butterfly Class:  Laura Garret 1st, Peggy Voelz 2nd.
International Class (on a handicapped basis!!!):  Jim Voelz/Tom Schroeder 1st, Jim Riffle/Arlene Truex 2nd, John Auld/Paul Hass 3rd.
Overall Handicapped Results (not for scoring):  Jim Voelz/Schroeder 1st, Kevin Preuss 2nd, Laura Garrett 3rd, Tom Jennings 4th, Peggy Voelz 5th, Jim Riffle/Arlene Truex 6th, John Auld/Paul Hass 7th.

Second Race Results:
Laser Class: Tom Jennings 1st, Kevin Preuss 2nd,
Butterfly Class: Peggy Voelz 1st, Laura Garrett 2nd.
International Class (on a handicapped basis!!!):  Jim Voelz/Tom Schroeder 1st, Jim Riffle/Arlene Truex 2nd, John Auld/Paul Hass 3rd.
Overall Handicapped Results (not for scoring):  Peggy Voelz 1st, Laura Garrett 2nd, Tom Jennings 3rd, Jim Voelz/Schroeder 4th, Kevin Preuss 5th, Jim Riffle/Arlene Truex 6th, John Auld/Paul Hass 7th.

The next race is scheduled for June 14th (also Flag Day, FYI).
Thanks again to our volunteers mentioned above!



Despite a threat of rain, lot owners turned out in force.  Perhaps they were lured by the availability of the Grandview Lake History book, or the true rumor that in addition to coffee and donuts, there were also make-your-own Mexican breakfast tacos to be had.  They were not disappointed since Jeff and Gloria Voelz and their army of helpers, too numerous to list, were well prepared, and the rain pretty much held off.  Those gathered took a few minutes to recognize our fallen heroes.  And, since we don't have a Veterans Day breakfast, we also took the opportunity to recognize those among us who served in the military. We enjoyed the Voelz's lakefront yard and pavilion, good food, and brief peeks inside the history book, but most of all catching up with our fellow lot owners and their families and friends.  Peggy Voelz thanked the history project committee (author Mary Ann McCray, along with committee contributors, John and Donna Sasse,  Jim and Peggy Voelz, and Brad Arthur) and all those who contributed to the History book project.  She also encouraged continued submission of any interesting memories, photos, etc.
Thanks again to Jeff and Gloria Voelz and all those who helped them prepare for us to enjoy the event! 

If you missed the Memorial Day event, the books will be available to pick up or purchase at the GLOA office from 1:00-5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.


MAY 17th OPENING RACE REPORT - A Gracious Visitor From the South

(photos courtesy of Bob and Tricia Zachidny)
A bald eagle was out greeting sailors and volunteers to a day of  near-perfect sailing wind and pleasant temperatures despite the healthy chance of rain that never materialized. 
Heading toward the first mark

We had a well-staffed Committee Boat with volunteers well prepared having attended our refresher course the day prior.  Bob Orben, Jim Riffle and Tricia and Bob Zachidny did a fine job of officiating.  They even re-arranged the course to their liking upon arriving at the starting line!  And their anchoring skills were exquisite.  We even had our own safety boat piloted by Steve Tadd and his son since the GLOA safety boat was not yet operating and concerns about capsized sailors in colder than normal water early in the season.  Tom Jennings set up the course with help from Sherri Agnew who has now “learned the ropes”.  Thanks to everyone who helped make the race possible.

This first race of the season was earlier than normal, finding many of the boats in our fleet not ship-shape enough to sail (tsk, tsk, tsk) and many of our sailors out of town.  Thus just three sailboats and four sailors initiated the season.  But oh, what a wind!  It was from the south, sufficiently lively and brisk for some great hiking out, and not as shifty or gusty as usual.   Appropriate for this wonderful wind, Tom Jennings and Sherri Agnew set a very long course that went well into the large inlet northwest of the Dam into which the wind was being funneled and concentrated. This made for fast sailing indeed.

The first race had a nice close start between Tom Jennings in his Laser and Tom Schroeder and crew Paul Hass in the JY-15.  Riley Leonard got caught in some dead air on the long trek from his dock , just missed the start, and got caught “in irons” near the first mark for long enough that he decided to wait for the 2nd race instead.  Jennings and Schroeder/Hass were very close for most of the race with Jennings never really giving up the lead, although their courses varied quite a bit.  As they approached the finish line, and just a little behind, Schroeder took a chance but got too far from the rhumb line hoping to avoid tacking one final time.  This proved to be a bad move and Jennings finished over a minute ahead even though they were much closer for most of the race.

The second race also had a great start with all three boats quite close to the line when the starting horn blew.  Downwind (“leeward”) of Jennings and about to miss staying inside of the starting pole, Schroeder asked for room and Jennings yielded.  Did Jennings have to yield, or was he just giving Tom and Paul a break? Both had wind coming from starboard and were overlapped. Post your opinion with a "comment" below!  By this time, captain Schroeder, was beginning to see what a fine crew Y-Flyer captain John Auld has in Paul Hass and took Paul's suggestions on timing his turns as they approached the first mark.  Schroeder/Hass rounded the first mark ahead of Jennings and Leonard.  But Jennings was able to overtake them as they ran with the wind to the 2nd mark.  Riley was catching up with both Jennings and Schroeder/Hass.  All of them were moving fast from the 2nd to the 3rd mark.    After rounding the third mark and heading into the wind for the finish line, Schroeder/Hass and Jennings were extremely close.  On a port tack running parallel to each other with Jennings windward, Schroeder again took Paul Hass’ suggestion on timing, tacking and cutting in behind Jennings. A fraction of a second later Jennings also turned, but got hung up in the turn somehow, which allowed Schroeder/Hass to finish first.  Jennings finished 2nd, and Riley was close behind with all boats finishing within about a minute and a half of each other – a close race – and fun courtesy of the fine wind!

Hass became celebratory after the first place finish in the second race and high-fived Schroeder.  The wind did not punish Schroeder/Hass with the usual capsizing for succumbing to "high five syndrome".  This spared Steve Tadd and son from having to pluck them out of the water.  This was clearly not our normal devilish Grandview wind, but a visitor.  It was a fast, but genteel and gracious wind with manners and a southern accent ( no twang).   
First Race Results:  Tom Jennings 1st place in Laser class and Schroeder/Hass 1st place in the International Class.  On a handicapped basis since Lasers and JY-15 have almost same handicap factor Jennings came in 1st and Schroeder/Hass 2nd.

Second Race Results:  Tom Jennings 1st place in Laser Class and Riley Leonard 2nd Place.  Schroeder/Hass 1st place in International Class.  Overall on handicapped basis: Schroeder/Hass first, Jennings 2nd, Leonard 3rd.

There was no protest meeting.  We look forward to the first protest meeting of the year after the next race on May 31st.  In the meantime, see you at the Memorial Day Breakfast.
Thanks again to our volunteers mentioned above!

Those sailing or observing the race are welcome to add their version of any aspect of the race using the comment feature below.



Quite a crowd gathered at the home of Kevin Preuss and Lisa Duret to kick off the season.  We welcomed new members (and sailors) Steve and Allison Tadd, got the lowdown on the upcoming season, and learned all about warm or cold winters and other happenings in each other’s lives.  We enjoyed a huge spread of appetizers and desserts.  The weather was perfect for chatting out on the screen porch and enjoying the sunset, and the clear moonlit night.  Thanks to Kevin and Lisa and those that helped them prepare.